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Facility Planning Area requests

A Facility Planning Area (FPA) is defined as "a centralized sewer service area to be considered for possible wastewater treatment facilities within a 20-year planning period." CMAP is the designated water quality planning agency for the seven-county region, with responsibility for reviewing wastewater permits and facility plans to ensure consistency with the federally approved Illinois Water Quality Management Plan. CMAP's Wastewater Committee conducts reviews of requested changes to the plan's current water-treatment boundaries (2014 boundaries map) and makes recommendations to the Illinois EPA, which maintains decision-making authority for amendments to the plan. Click here for the list of outcomes for prior FPA requests (updated April 29, 2014). In filling its central advisory function, CMAP evaluates the following factors to ensure water quality:

  • Geographic location of wastewater FPA boundaries.
  • Designated management agencies for collection, treatment and transport within each FPA.
  • Capacity of current and planned treatment facilities, including the identification of all facility locations and discharge points.

For further details, please see the "Water Quality Management Plan Amendment Process Book" which includes an overview of the review criteria. You may also see the document entitled "Review Criteria for Amendment to the Areawide Water Quality Management Plan." Also see the "Illinois Department of Agriculture land and water resources guidelines," which must be addressed in every FPA application.

To ensure consistency with the non-point source management policies and objectives of the "Illinois Water Quality Management Plan", the IEPA and CMAP recommend local adoption of ordinances or regulations which provide for water quality protection which is comparable to the objectives and standards of the following ordinances.

Please note: CMAP is currently reevaluating its role in executing the FPA process and has drafted a revised FPA Process and Procedures Manual that seeks to align the process with Go To 2040's most critical regional planning priorities. For information about proposed revisions, please visit the Wastewater Committee's webpage.

Apply for a Water Quality Management Plan Amendment

CMAP recommends that, prior to initiating an FPA request, you attend a pre-application meeting with our support staff. Please contact Dawn Thompson at 312-386-8676 to set up an appointment. Note that a fee of $10.00 per acre is required. Also, refer to this "Checklist of documents" that should be submitted with each application. When you're ready to apply, print and fill out the "Water Quality Management Plan Amendment Application form" then mail one copy to the CMAP Wastewater Committee c/o Dawn Thompson, Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning, 233 South Wacker Drive, Suite 800, Sears Tower, Chicago, Illinois, 60606. Please include the appropriate fee payment via check or money order made out the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning. The schedule gives application deadlines for the coming months.

FPA Boundary Maps

Facility Planning Area Boundary area base maps depict and label Facility Planning Area Boundaries; political subdivisions; surface waters; roads; railways; townships; range and section lines and National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System locations.

To obtain printed copies of the Year 2013 FPA Boundary maps (updated annually) or a digital copy of the Year 2014 FPA Boundary maps (updated quarterly) please contact the CMAP Publications Department at (312) 454-0400.

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