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I-90/94 Dan Ryan Expressway (I-290 to I-90 Skyway Local Lanes) Congestion and Crash Scans

The Chicago region traffic congestion scans were created by averaging five minute speed data obtained from freeway loop detectors, radar, and mobile technology data. The traffic scans display average speed on a freeway corridor as a function of time of day (the x-axis) and location (the y-axis) along a freeway corridor.  Congestion scans are not available on this section of the Dan Ryan because of data issues.  A new source of data is being adapted to provide future congestion scans.  This new data source will facilitate congestion scans system-wide, including for the Dan Ryan Expressway.

Crash scans show the rate of total highway crashes per 100 million vehicle-miles traveled (VMT) for 1/10 mile segments.  The purpose of these crash scans is to show highway planners and system managers how crashes are related to congestion.  Understanding where crashes are concentrated can help planners and engineers focus on improving those locations with the worst performance.  

Crash Scan

I90/I94 Kennedy, Local Lanes I-290 to  I-90 Skyway Crash Scan, 2008-12. Showing number of crash rates per 100 million vehicle miles traveled.

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About the Data

Data provided by IDOT, Illinois Tollway, and HERE. 

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