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Emerging Priorities for ON TO 2050

The purpose of the Emerging Priorities report is to identify the key regional priorities that have emerged from the initial analysis and public engagement conducted to date for ON TO 2050. These priorities will be emphasized to ensure that the developing plan responds to concerns and needs of its stakeholders. This initial period of public engagement in spring 2016 encompassed workshops and surveys that collected input at more than 100 events and from almost 7,000 residents across the CMAP region. An appendix that collects input gathered during this stage can be found below.
Stakeholders can also shape the plan during the two remaining phases of broad public input, which are shown in the timeline below. In summer 2017, CMAP will conduct extensive engagement on a series of alternative futures for the region. These scenarios will generate conversation around the economic, physical, demographic, governmental, and environmental changes that have potential to profoundly affect the region in the future, such as climate change, economic shifts, or technological innovations. The engagement process will examine strategies that could help to prepare the region for these changes, which will in turn inform the policies included in ON TO 2050. And finally, in summer 2018 the draft plan will be released for public comment prior to  its ultimate adoption in October 2018.


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