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Thank you for helping us share the ON TO 2050 strategy paper, Tax Policy and Land Use Trends.  This page includes text you can use in your organization's newsletter and on social media to share the report with colleagues. 

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As part of the development of ON TO 2050, the region's next comprehensive plan, the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP) has released a new strategy paper, Tax Policy and Land Use Trends.  This report analyzes the interdependent nature between local tax revenues and the types of developments that municipalities pursue.  Cumulatively, these local policy and land use decisions have a significant overall effect on regional growth.  CMAP is exploring policies and strategies that can help communities achieve balanced tax structures and, in turn, development that suits local and regional goals. 

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.@ONTO2050 released a new strategy paper on the relationship between local tax policy and land use. http://cmap.is/taxpolicylanduse  #2050bigideas
This @ONTO2050 report is a data-focused look at relationship between local tax policy and land use http://cmap.is/taxpolicylanduse  #2050bigideas
How does tax policy influence the types of developments municipalities pursue? Explore @ONTO2050's new report http://cmap.is/taxpolicylanduse 
Check out the new @ONTO2050 strategy paper and learn more about the relationship between tax policy and land use http://cmap.is/taxpolicylanduse 
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