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Oswego, Montgomery, and Yorkville Shared Services Study

Increasing the efficiency of government across the region is a critical aspect of GO TO 2040, but achieving this goal requires innovation. Encouraging strategic coordination among municipal governments can ensure the continued delivery of high-quality local services to the region's residents.  With assistance from CMAP's Local Technical Assistance (LTA) program, the Villages of Oswego and Montgomery and the United City of Yorkville are conducting a study to analyze opportunities for service delivery that encourages coordination and joint service provision.

These three Fox River communities share many features and have similar demographic, land use, and economic development patterns, making them strong candidates for service sharing.  A market analysis of Oswego  identified the communities as a distinct trade area for retail needs. It recommended that the municipalities work together to coordinate economic development efforts and to promote broader cooperation.  As a result, Oswego, Montgomery, and Yorkville are currently exploring ways to coordinate service delivery to reduce costs and increase the efficiency of municipal operations. This study's objectives are twofold: (1) to provide the communities with concrete strategies for collaboration across a range of services and (2) to develop recommendations for a process to guide the municipalities' ongoing collaboration. Together, these goals will equip the communities to take immediate actions to share services, as well as to build institutional capacity for collaboration in the long-run.

The planning process – to be completed in approximately 12 months – consists of three main phases. The first phase will focus on gathering information from municipal staff and researching precedents for shared services and joint purchasing. During the second phase, CMAP will conduct a municipal service assessment, which will include key person interviews, focus group workshops, and financial and policy analyses. The final phase will include drafting service-sharing and join purchasing recommendations for community review.

Community Engagement

A combination of municipal staff from each of the three communities sits on an Advisory Committee to provide oversight for the project.  Additional municipal leadership and employees will be involved throughout this project.  A series of focus groups with municipal staff was held in fall and winter 2014, and a follow-up meeting will be held in March 2015 to convene and report on progress.  These meetings have included leadership from the Administrative Offices, Community Development and Planning Departments, Public Works Departments, and Police Departments.

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Louise Yeung, CMAP Associate (lyeung@cmap.illinois.gov or 312-386-8639)

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