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Viewing projects on the TIP map

Select the county or counties to view from the check boxes above the map.

Use the zoom and pan tools in the upper left corner of the map to find the project(s) of interest.  If you want to see an aerial view of the place you're interested in, click on the satellite button in the top right of the map.

Click on the project line or marker to view project information.

Internet Explorer Users:  If you do not see the check boxes, your security settings may be blocking the javascript used to generate the map.  Add www.cmap.illinois.gov to your trusted sites list, then refresh the page.

Project Information

Individual Project Information can be viewed from the TIP Map by clicking on any project. The same Project Information is available in the TIP Dashboard by selecting the List View.

Project Details

Location:  The project location and its start and end points. Location is displayed at the top of the balloon on the TIP map.

TIP ID: The unique identification number for the project.  Click on the ID number to view all information about the project contained in the TIP database.  This should be included in any project correspondence.

Agency:  The agency that programs funds for the project.  Note that for some projects, one agency programs the funds, but another agency will actually do the work.  The project contact will be able to tell you this.

Work Being Done: A summary of the major elements of the project.  For more detailed information about the project, a request can be made to the Project Contact.

Total Cost:  The total cost programmed to complete the project, including all federal, state and local funds for the project. Funds already spent are not included.

Funding:  Indicates the status of funds for the project.

In Current Year: A portion of this project is programmed to be spent this year.  Additional phases may be included in other TIP years, or after the final year of the TIP.

In Future Years: A portion of this project is programmed to be spent in future years of the TIP.  Additional phases may be completed after the final year of the TIP.

Not Identified - Funds are either not programmed, or are programmed after the final year of the TIP.

Completion:  The year the project is expected to be complete and open for public use.

Type:  The general transportation mode of the project, based on the work being done.  If the work isn't tied to any one mode, the project is "Other." If more than one mode is part of the work, such as rebuilding a road and adding sidewalks, the type is "Mixed."

Contact:  The person to contact for more information about the project.

Contact At:  The email address of the project contact.

Length:  The project length in miles, for projects that are shown as a line on the map.

Download files

To download the Google Earth kml files used to generate this map, click on the county below:








Download the Google Earth icons associated with the site specific projects.

For more information about how projects are selected and programmed in the TIP, visit the TIP web page.


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