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April 2, 2014

Bicycle road safety audits

The Federal Highway Administration published the report "Bicycle Road Safety Audit Guidelines and Prompt Lists."  Road Safety Audits (RSAs) are a formal process for examining and documenting the safety of an existing or future roadway or off-road facility and are conducted by an independent, experienced, multidisciplinary team.

The purpose of the "Bicycle Road Safety Audit Guidelines and Prompt Lists" is to provide RSA teams and transportation agencies with a better understanding of the safety of cyclists in the transportation system. The guidelines offer an overview of basic principles of the safety of cyclists and potential issues affecting cyclists. They also provide information on how to conduct an RSA and effectively assess the safety of cyclists. Prompt lists describe safety considerations when conducting a cyclist-specific RSA. The guidelines are intended to help RSA teams evaluate a roadway's safety for cyclists and to support a multimodal approach to safety