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Pace issues transit supportive guidelines

Pace Suburban Bus recently published Transit Supportive Guidelines for the Chicagoland Region.  The guidelines are intended to foster reliable, efficient, convenient, and accessible transit in communities throughout area served by Pace Suburban Bus Transit.  The guidelines present planning principles and design standards that may be implemented by municipalities, designers, engineers, and others responsible for public rights-of-way and developments served by these rights-of-way.  The guidelines are intended to promote a built environment that supports all modes of movement related to transit – from the transit vehicle itself to pedestrians walking to or from transit or to other destinations – in order to help create a more effective regional transit service and enhance the quality of life for Chicagoland's citizens.


The guidelines look at the components of the transit trip – the rider, the development site, the public walk, the transit stop, and the transit vehicle – and the places that transit serves in order to define the infrastructure, facilities, and service characteristics, as well as the land uses, density, and development intensity that will best support transit and help Pace realize its vision to provide a higher level of bus service to places that actively remove barriers to transit as a viable transportation choice.