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Planning for the integration of cycling and transit

The Mineta Transportation Institute has published "Perceptions of Bicycle-Friendly Policy Impacts on Accessibility to Transit Services: The First and Last Mile Bridge."  The report features strategies for integrating transit and cycling, examines the needs of those who combine bicycling with transit riding, and makes policy recommendations on how best to address those needs.

The research addresses two broad questions:

1.       Who are the persons currently combining the modes of cycling and transit?

2.       What are the distances they travel on bicycles in order to access public transit? 

To answer these questions, the researchers conducted a literature review and carried out surveys of bus operators and of cycle-transit users in Philadelphia and San Francisco, with follow-up telephone interviews with a subset of these respondents.  The survey of cycle-transit users addressed the motivations, practices, and challenges faced when combining bicycles and transit in single journeys.