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United Nations report calls for greater investment in bicycling and walking

A report from UN Environment examines and documents the inclusion of non-motorized transportation in national or city policies in a sample of low- and middle-income countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. The documentation was achieved by means of a survey and detailed policy content analysis.  After reviewing policies, the study focuses on whether the existence of a country's non-motorized transportation policy correlates with the safety of people who walk and cycle every day.

The report concludes that surveyed countries have made a significant start in policy development; every participating country has at least one national-level transportation commitment that recognizes the value of non-motorized modes.  However, the index suggests that the implementation of non-motorized transportation policies to date has not yet led to substantive changes in safety for pedestrians and cyclists; road fatalities, discomfort, and risk remain unacceptably high.  The authors of the report recommend that countries set aside at least 20 percent of their total transportation budgets to fund non-motorized transportation programs at the national and city level.