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The Principles

The Principles

The Chicago region has a tradition of seizing its destiny rather than leaving the future to chance. Because current trends show that the region is falling behind its peers, we must address our challenges collaboratively to ensure metropolitan Chicago's status as a global center of commerce.

According to many measures, our progress has stalled for reasons that are complex but by no means irreversible. By systematically addressing such factors, as a region we can make tangible progress toward broad, lasting prosperity and quality of life. Most important, while we possess the assets necessary to succeed, we must coordinate our efforts region-wide to make true progress.

In developing this ON TO 2050 comprehensive regional plan, CMAP spent approximately three years working with partners to conduct extensive research, issue more than two dozen reports, and engaged thousands of residents of the seven-county region. The plan affirms and builds on the recommendations of its predecessor, GO TO 2040, to offer more specific direction where needed and identify additional priorities. The plan process identified three clear, overarching principles:

Inclusive Growth: We must provide economic opportunity for all residents and communities.

Resilience: We must prepare for future changes, both known and unknown.

Prioritized Investment: We must carefully target resources to maximize benefit.

These principles will inform every recommendation in ON TO 2050's five chapters of Community, Prosperity, Environment, Governance, and Mobility.

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