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Implementing the Plan

As a comprehensive, long-range plan, ON TO 2050 requires extensive and persistent collaboration among stakeholder organizations and individuals, as described throughout the plan itself. In months and years to come, on this page you will find frequently updated information about implementation progress and successes, along with links for getting involved in CMAP activities and events.

Implementation matrices

Partner organizations and other stakeholders should browse the complete ON TO 2050 implementation matrix, or download individual matrices for each plan chapter: community, prosperity, environment, governance, and mobility.

CMAP updates

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CMAP has a vibrant, transparent, and highly accessible system of committees that offer both an inside look at ON TO 2050 implementation activities and the opportunity for any resident to attend events and meetings or otherwise get involved.


CMAP manages a number of programs that include Local Technical Assistance and several that guide allocation of federal funds for transportation.

Policy updates

As an agency, CMAP will continue to conduct research and analysis of policies and practices important for helping the region achieve its goals. Follow this work via policy updates, many of which links to reports by our agency or others.