Local Governments That Train Appointed Board Members

This indicator will track the number of local governments whose appointed board members with development review authority have recently completed relevant professional development training. The indicator will include not only plan commission and zoning board members, but also other boards charged with development review such as Historic Preservation and Environment Committees.

Strategy development for ON TO 2050 indicated that appointed board members, as well as government staff and elected officials, who regularly engage in trainings are more familiar with best practices and better prepared to fulfill their roles in service of their communities.


Targets for this indicator will be set following attainment of baseline data from 2018 Municipal Survey for existing rates at which local governments are training appointed board members. With the understanding that appointed board members who receive support by provision of trainings are better prepared to serve their communities, the 2050 target will likely be 100 percent of local governments.

2025: TBD

2050: TBD


GO TO 2040 Context

This indicator is new to ON TO 2050.