Secondary Kindred Indicator
Median Household Income by Race and Ethnicity

This indicator measures median household income by race and ethnicity in the Chicago metropolitan statistical area (in current year dollars). Median household income reflects the economic well-being of a region’s population and highlights the hardships that impede residents of color from sharing in regional prosperity. This data highlights an existing need for collaborative efforts on inclusive growth that promote economic opportunity, particularly for the region’s black and Hispanic households. Economic and workforce development efforts must meet the needs of a changing and diversifying economy, and promote growth of and access to jobs with pathways for upward mobility.

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Median household income by race and ethnicity
  •   Asian
  •   Hispanic
  •   White (non-Hispanic)
  •   Black
  •   All
The U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey (ACS)
Line graph showing median household income by race and ethnicity.