Secondary Kindred Indicator
Change in Non-Residential Market Value in Disinvested and Economically Disconnected Areas

This kindred indicator measures percent change in aggregate non-residential market value in economically disconnected areas and disinvested areas versus the remaining parts of the region. Non-residential land uses include: commercial, industrial, institutional, mixed use, and vacant. ON TO 2050 highlights reinvestment in disinvested areas—such as building on existing community assets, identifying unique and regulatory tax solutions to persistent vacancy and abandonment, and building municipal and private sector capacity—as a key strategy for improving outcomes and revitalizing communities.

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Percent change in non-residential market value, 2010-15
  •   EDAs and Disinvested areas
  •   Rest of the region (not EDA or Disinvested)
  •   CMAP region
CMAP analysis of county assessor data.
Bar chart showing a percent change in non-residential market, 2010 and 2015.