Miles of Roadway with Transit Preference

This indicator tracks the allocation of road space to buses. Providing extra space or right of way to buses improves travel time and reliability. This takes many forms throughout the region. Bus on shoulder and flex lanes allow buses on expressways to bypass slower traffic. Dedicated bus lanes, such as the Loop Link project, provided bus priority on local streets all day. Some bus lanes are shared with only bikes. Peak hour lanes provide a dedicated lane for buses when demand is highest and are otherwise used for parking or general travel. The region has one busway, the McCormick Busway, which provides a dedicated road for buses serving special events.


There are currently 108 miles of bus preference in the region and most of miles have been completed in the last ten years. Pilot projects have shown that these improvements can improve ridership.

2025: At least 250 miles of roadway with transit preference (50 on urban streets)

2050: At least 500 miles of roadway with transit preference (100 on urban streets)

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Miles of roadway with transit preference
  •   All roads
  •   Expressways
  •   Urban streets
Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning.
Line graph showing miles of roadway with transit preference.

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