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GO TO 2040 plan materials

This page features all GO TO 2040 materials, including the plan update summary and its appendices, a full-length plan that is for policy experts, and a shorter plan that is for a broader audience.

GO TO 2040 plan update, October 2014

In October 2014, CMAP completed an update of GO TO 2040, the seven-county metropolitan Chicago region's official comprehensive plan, in accordance with federal law.  Final plan update materials include:

GO TO 2040 comprehensive regional plan, adopted October 2010

Below, you can download PDFs of individual chapters and sections of the full GO TO 2040 plan.   You can also download the short version of the plan [En Espanol]. 

GO TO 2040 Plan (full version)

Executive Summary
Challenges and Opportunities

Livable Communities

1. Achieve Greater Livability Through Land Use and Housing

2. Manage and Conserve Water and Energy Resources

3. Expand and Improve Parks and Open Space

4. Promote Sustainable Local Food

Human Capital

5. Improve Education and Workforce Development

6. Support Economic Innovation

Efficient Governance

7. Reform State and Local Tax Policy

8. Improve Access to Information

9. Pursue Coordinated Investments

Regional Mobility

10. Invest Strategically in Transportation

11. Increase Commitment to Public Transit

12. Create a More Efficient Freight Network

Context and Best Practices

Federal Government
State Government
Regional Authorities
Counties and Councils of Government
Nongovernmental Organizations
Development Community