GO TO 2040 Supporting Materials

GO TO 2040 Supporting Materials

Supporting materials of the GO TO 2040 plan include its appendices, portraits, and a process archive.

Plan Update

In October 2014, the seven-county metropolitan Chicago region's official comprehensive plan GO TO 2040 was updated in accordance with federal law.


GO TO 2040 appendices document information related to the plan's development, including public engagement, research and analysis, and more. 


The GO TO 2040 plan is about improving quality of life for residents, who are the region's greatest renewable resource.  To highlight how the plan's themes and recommendations can shape our daily lives, a series of "Portraits" describes individuals from across the region who shared their personal stories and hopes for the future. Each portrait features a video, photos, and a short profile.

Process Archive

The process archive documents the many phases of plan development: 

  • Step 1 -- Develop a Regional Vision
  • Step 2 -- Understand existing conditions
  • Step 3 -- Evaluate potential planning strategies
  • Step 4 -- Develop a preferred regional scenario
  • Step 5 -- Choose major capital projects
  • Step 6 -- Communicate the plan