GO TO 2040 Regional Vision

Aug 8, 2013

GO TO 2040 Regional Vision

The GO TO 2040 planning process includes numerous opportunities for the public to get involved in planning for a brighter future. This process began in September 2007 with development of the Regional Vision for 2040. The vision was drafted by CMAP and its stakeholders and then revised based on public comment. Building on prior regional plans, the initial vision statements were drafted by participants at a visioning workshop in September 2007. The statements were then refined after broader public feedback via surveys and public meetings. 

This document also includes photographs of the Chicago region taken as part of a photography contest sponsored by CMAP in summer and fall 2007. Text is sometimes included below the photographs; these are descriptions written by the photographer. In other places, the document includes sidebars with quotes from residents of the region concerning their visions for 2040. Some of these were gathered from middle and high school students during a series of vision contests held in spring 2008, while others were collected from comments at public meetings held in winter and spring 2008.

The Regional Vision describes our desired future in terms of the region's quality of life, natural environment, social systems, economy, infrastructure, and governance. Throughout all of these vision themes, three other cross-cutting issues recur: sustainability, equity, and innovation. Each is critical to CMAP's work on the GO TO 2040 plan. In addition the overarching need to foster a sustainable, equitable, and innovative region, some of the vision statements include:

In 2040, the northeastern Illinois region will be a magnet attracting new, diverse residents, businesses, and investments from around the world. The region will be known for a high quality of life, based on its sustainable, equitable, innovative, and inclusive approaches to planning.

In 2040, decision making in northeastern Illinois will be informed by considerations of environmental health, energy use, and water supply.

In 2040, our region will have equitable and inclusive housing, and social systems that foster an educated, healthy, safe, and involved populace.

In 2040, the economy of northeastern Illinois will enjoy a global status that ensures superior job opportunities throughout the region for all socio-economic groups.

In 2040, governance systems in northeastern Illinois will feature a high degree of coordination and civic involvement.

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GO TO 2040 Regional Vision