211 Human Services Collaboration Conclusion


The national status of 211 services is a positive indicator that the country has taken this type of service seriously. The purpose of the 211 service is to make information about community, local, and statewide human services available to everyone. Although the federal government has not passed the 211 Calling Act yet, many states have passed legislation that authorized the development of a 211 statewide system and some states have designated funding to support 211. The benefits of a 211 system at a national level are yet to be fully realized, but the benefits at local levels have already been accounted. On a daily basis across the U.S thousands of calls are made to 211 call centers to connect with public services and non-profit organizations that specialize in improving human conditions. Even though emphasis has been placed on 211 as an emergency response network, the benefit of a 211 system year-round is also important. Although the biggest obstacle of operating a 211 system has been sustainable funding, 46 states and Washington DC and Puerto Rico have found a way to work around this obstacle. Therefore, it is possible that in the future 211 may become a truly national network.