Agricultural Preservation Conclusion and Appendices


Agricultural preservation is an essential topic in the discussion of creating a sustainable and healthy region. This report has sought to examine the current issues facing agricultural preservation efforts in the region to inform the treatment of this topic in the GO TO 2040 plan.The GO TO 2040 planning process is an opportunity for regional collaboration within northeastern Illinois which could lead to designing more regionally based policies. Although preservation of farmland and agricultural activities are not highly prioritized for all communities, it is important to realize that preservation in only some areas will still benefit the entire region. Opportunities such as organic farming as well as conservation oriented development and sustainability practices are all part of land preservation. In the future, whether 2020, 2030, or 2040, the same challenges will exist and this encourages planning to play a vital role in selecting the best policies and practices for the northeastern region.

Additional Agriculture Related Graphs in Northeastern Illinois:

Net Farming Income





What do you think is the most significant benefit of agricultural land preservation for the region? (economic, environmental etc.)