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CMAP would like to thank all of the participants listed below who assisted by providing data, serving as an interviewee, and/or gave useful insight on the topic of agricultural preservation. We consider your input very valuable and helpful for creating an informative strategy research paper. We look forward to continuing our relationship with you as we pursue the 2040 Regional Comprehensive Plan.

Boone County
Jacky Falkenstein, Boone County Board

Kendall County
John Church, Kendall County Board
Jerry Dudgeon, Kendall County Planning and Zoning
Megan Andrews, Soil & Water Conservation District
Dan Reedy, Farm Bureau of Kendall County

Lake County
Dennis Sandquist, Lake County Planning, Building and Development
David Husemoller, Lake County Planning, Building and Development
Mike Sands, Prairie Crossing

McHenry County
SuzAnne Ehardt, McHenry County Planning and Development
Maryanne Wanaski, McHenry County Planning and Development
Matt Hansel, McHenry County Planning and Development

Will County
Colin Duesing, Will County Land Use
Mark Schneidewind, Farm Bureau of Will County (written response)

Kane County
Janice Hill, Kane County Planning and Development, and Kane County Farm Bureau
Maureen Anderson, Riverboat Casino Program

DuPage County
Brook McDonald, Conservation Foundation in Naperville

Other Agencies
Steve Chard, IL Department of Agriculture, Department of Land and Water Resources
Bill Schleizer, Delta Institute, Carbon Offset Program

Kristen Jensen, Ohio Department of Agriculture