Brownfields Conclusion


Brownfield redevelopment is a prime example of sustainable development. It can result in economic, environmental, and social benefits, all of which are equally important for a successful project. The region recognizes this, and several local, state, and federal programs have been extremely successful in working to redevelop brownfields. However, as the maps portray, the problem is pervasive. Furthermore, although federal funding is steady, state funding, a critical component in initiating assessments and leveraging funding, is drying up. There is a challenge in prioritizing communities or projects.

Do you think the federal, state, and local programs are working well?

Do you think that brownfield redevelopment should be funded primarily by federal, state, or local dollars?

Is prioritization of communities or projects necessary? Or should it be "first come, first serve"? What factors should be used in prioritization (health impacts, economic potential, market support, others)?