CSS Conclusion


In many ways, "Context Sensitive Solutions" is the natural evolution of Transportation planning and project development from the established focus on efficiency and safety to a more thorough process, which balances these traditional Transportation concerns with other priorities of stakeholders. While the investment of time and resources to this process can be considerable, it yields solutions that are more comprehensive, nuanced, and better-suited to the broad needs of communities involved. The CSS process also can offer appealing secondary benefits, such as improving opportunities for bicyclists or bolstering local economies. While broader in scope and containing additional layers of review, the comprehensive approach of CSS can have the effect of incorporating the unavoidable hurdles of Transportation planning into a more streamlined process, helping identify problems sooner and garnering community trust and support earlier in the life of a project.

Have you participated in a Transportation improvement project in which context sensitivity was not a primary consideration?

Do you think that the project outcome would have been significantly different if it had been? How so?