Historic Preservation Strategy Paper

Historic Preservation Strategy Report

RialtoHistoric preservation can be a controversial topic; it can inspire a community to come together or it can make enemies out of friends. This report looks at the broader effects of historic preservation from a regional perspective. First, it outlines the definition and history of preservation—nationally and locally. Then, it covers the impact of preservation on issues like land value, community character, and economic development. Last, it provides an overview of the various regulatory and economic policies to promote historic preservation. As part of a series of strategy reports for CMAP's GO TO 2040 Regional Comprehensive Plan, this paper is informed by formal academic research and news reports from local and national sources.

A sample of findings:


  • The existing built environment is a huge resource and can be a great asset in the continued "greening" of our region - since "the greenest building is the one that is already built"
  • 40% of travelers in 2002 reported that they visited a designated historic site, such as a building, landmark, home, or monument
  • Neighborhood Conservation Districts can be a useful tool for communities with a distinct historic character, but no formal claim to local landmark status