Interregional Transportation

Inter-Regional Transportation Strategy Report

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
  • Existing Conditions
  • Major Emerging Issues
  • Case Study Research
  • Synthesis & Discussion
  • Appendices

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The Chicago region is the hub of transportation in the Midwest and is one of the major transportation centers of the world. Due to the size and scope of the rail and highway transportation network focused on the Chicago region and O'Hare Airport's importance as a major airport for international travel, CMAP has the opportunity to be at the forefront of interregional transportation planning in the nation. Major inter-regional transportation projects include planning for high-speed rail corridors or networks, freight mobility and access to ports, and new airport construction or operation of a multi-airport system. This paper includes a discussion of ways MPOs can work with their partners to address the demand for rising interregional travel.

Various case studies reviewed illustrate the range of potential roles for CMAP in effective planning for inter-regional transportation, such as:

  • Communicator/coordinator among MPOs and other entities, including the sharing of data and forecasts
  • Partnership-builder (beyond partnering with neighboring MPOs)
  • Leader in organizing meetings and events
  • Visionary in developing initiatives for the future of the larger region

Each of these MPOs and the Randstad took innovative approaches to their work at the interregional level. Any of these approaches can be taken exclusively or in combination by CMAP.

A sample of findings:

  • While U.S. population grew at an annual rate of only 1.1% between 1960 and 2000, air passenger-miles grew by 7.2% and highway passenger-miles grew by 3.1%
  • As a result of higher fuel prices and increased airfares, Amtrak saw record ridership increases in recent years, with an 11% increase in ridership in 2008.
  • Chicago is the de facto national hub for freight rail and has become one of the world's most important aviation hubs

If you're interested in learning more about inter-regional transportation, please download the following CMAP strategy report. Comments and criticisms are encouraged.


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