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Strong stormwater management policies can protect one of our most important natural resources. The reduction of impervious surfaces can increase groundwater recharge and water quality. New strategies such as stormwater utilities can help fund much needed infrastructure repair and stormwater management projects. Conservation design and smart growth make open space and natural resource preservation a design priority rather than an afterthought. The recommended strategies in this paper can help strengthen the existing successful stormwater management ordinances.


The definitions are provided by United States Geological Survey (USGS).

Evaporation: The process by which water is changed from the liquid or the solid state into the vapor state. In hydrology, evaporation is vaporization that takes place at a temperature below the boiling point.

Hydrograph: A graph showing stage, flow, velocity, or other property of water with respect to time.

Infiltration: The flow of a fluid into a substance through pores or small openings. It connotes flow into a substance in contradistinction to the word percolation, which connotes flow through a porous substance.

Transpiration: The process by which water is changed from the liquid or the solid state into the vapor state. In hydrology, evaporation is vaporization that takes place at a temperature below the boiling point.


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