Al Larson

Al Larson

Representing Northwest Cook County

Photo of Al Larson

President, Village of Schaumburg

Larson has served Schaumburg as Village President since 1987.  In that capacity, he initiated the development and adoption of concept plans for all the vacant land in the industrial/office/ commercial retail districts, establishing land use intensities (FARS), land use scenarios (office, commercial, retail, etc.) along with a traffic mitigation plan that would expand traffic network capacities to meet additional traffic load brought by such development.  He broadened the Village's cultural programming to include Schaumburg's Prairie Arts Festival, initiated efforts to develop a theatre workshop for young people that led to annual summer youth musicals, promoted development of the Schaumburg Youth Orchestra, and pushed for the establishment of a youth ballet troupe that led to the founding of the Schaumburg Dance Ensemble.  He brought to the Village Manager and Village Board the initiative to acquire Schaumburg Airpark as a public airfield so it can be preserved as an asset for aviation, transportation, and long range economic development.  Larson has established cooperation with the Schaumburg Park District, securing them as co-equal partners in the acquisition process.  He initiated the Village's acquisition of Town Square Shopping Center to refocus its image as a vital part of developing a true "downtown" for the Village of Schaumburg, contacting the Schaumburg Township Library and the Schaumburg Park District to initiate the dialogue to establish their presence as part of Town Square's redevelopment.  He initiated acquisition of 45 acres for a Schaumburg convention center with a 500-room Marriott Renaissance Hotel and brought baseball to Schaumburg with the Schaumburg Flyers along with a drop-dead beautiful baseball stadium.

Larson has served as past President of the Northwest Municipal Conference, Vice President of the Illinois Municipal League, Member of DuPage Mayor's and Manager's Board, PACE Board of Directors, Chair of Joint Action Water Agency, Member of O'Hare Noise Compatibility Commission, Board of Directors of Illinois Public Airports Association, Council of Mayors Executive Board, Transportation Infrastructure and Services Steering Committee for the National League of Cities, co-chair of the STAR Line Steering Committee and Governor's Climate Change Advisory Group. Representing Northwest Cook County, Larson is a member of the CMAP Board and serves both the Executive Committee and the Regional Coordinating Committee.

Larson is a graduate of William Rainey Harper College and attended Illinois Institute of Technology.