FY09 Budget and Work Plan

Aug 23, 2013

CMAP FY09 Budget and Work Plan

FY09 Budget

Please Note: These materials are archived.  Click here for the current CMAP work plan.  Click here to see CMAP's FY09 budget (opens 262KB PDF) as approved by the CMAP Board at the start of the fiscal year. The charts and tables below, showing actual end-of-fiscal-year revenues and expenditures, are accurate as of August 10, 2009, and are subject to revision pending the final FY09 budget audit. For more information, contact Lorrie Kovac at 312-386-8818.

FY09 Work Plan

With its work plan for FY09, CMAP tightly controls how projects are managed internally. Agency policies have established a consistent, efficient procedures for project managers and teams to effectively plan, execute, and monitor their respective projects. In CMAP's "matrix" organizational structure, project managers are expected to assume a greater level of authority and accountability over agency work, while simultaneously operating and communicating within their functional departments.

Using a standardized template, Project Managers develop a project plan including scope, work breakdown structure, list of deliverables and associated dates, timeline, and means of team communication for each project. These plans are reviewed by the appropriate Deputy Executive Director(s) and their responsible Project Administrators. CMAP staff is in the process of evaluating options for project management software that Project Managers will be required to use for planning and executing their projects. Also, each CMAP staff member submits a short report every month to help monitor project progress.

CMAP FY09 Work Plan Description (updated August 27, 2008)

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