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Get Involved

CMAP is always looking for ways to engage with residents and partners to help communities prosper in our region. We have multiple ways to get involved:



  • Attend a CMAP committee meeting. Implementation of ON TO 2050 involves the work of a number of active committees, whose meetings are open to the public, with agendas ava​​ilable online. View CMAP’s calendar for information about CMAP board and committee meetings.


  • Help CMAP promote ON TO 2050 via your newsletter and social media. Use the messages found in the CMAP Partners Toolkit.





  • Review CMAP's ON TO 2050 Proposed Amendments. The public comment for two proposed amendments to On TO 2050 ran from April 10 - May 11, 2020.  CMAP staff presented a summary and recommendation to the Board and MPO Policy Committee on June 10. Both projects were unanimously voted to be amended.


  • Plan a visit to CMAP. If you’d like to come to our offices or schedule a CMAP visit to your organization, please email us at


CMAP’s Public Participation Plan guides the agency’s proactive engagement of the residents and constituencies of northeastern Illinois and establishes core values for how CMAP integrates meaningful public engagement into its planning initiatives.  CMAP welcomes your suggestions for its public engagement partners and initiatives and invites you to email CMAP’s Communications and Outreach staff at or Contact Us.