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Surface Transportation Program

Resources for Project Sponsors

Local agencies that wish to participate in the local STP must do so through their designated subregional council, according to the methodology of that council.  A list of municipalities belonging to each council can be downloaded here. The following links lead to the current STP project selection criteria for each of the subregional councils:

North Shore








North Central




A matrix comparing eligible costs and match percentages by council is available.  Please click here.

For a memo on Surface Transportation Program eligible projects, please click here.

IDOT Agreement Process for Federally Funded Projects (D1PIPDF1) or State Funded Projects (D1PIPDF2).

Resources for Councils

Programming Marks

Updated Federal Fiscal Year 2017-2021 Suburban Surface Transportation Program marks were approved by the Council of Mayors Executive Committee on October 25, 2016.  These marks are used by the Council of Mayors to program locally selected projects in each of the subregional councils.  Upon passage of a new federal transportation bill, the city of Chicago and the Council of Mayors agree to a distribution of locally programmed funds.  The current agreement was adopted in 2008 and reaffirmed in 2013.  The agreement calls for 5% of the total regional mark to go to projects that are beneficial to the entire region.  The remaining funds are split 55% to the suburban Council of Mayors and 45% to the City of Chicago.


The STP-L expenditure report shows a summary of project accomplishments for the local STP funds programmed by Councils.

Letting Schedule

The current IDOT letting schedule includes the federal authorization date for projects.  It is important to note these dates because once a project is authorized by USDOT it is safe from rescissions.  

Federal Aid Designation

CMAP has prepared a workbook to assist municipalities and council of mayors in having a route redesignated to obtain federal aid status.  This workbook and other federal-aid route information is available by clicking here.

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