CMAP Partners Toolkit

CMAP Partners Toolkit

Thank you for helping us get the message out about the next regional comprehensive plan! This page is a toolkit that will be updated with ways to spread the message via your newsletter and social media.


Social Media

Please weigh in with your own #2050BigIdeas for our region. 

Sample posts:

Help make a plan for the Chicago Region, let us know your #2050BigIdeas. 

The #ONTO2050 plan will build on #GOTO2040. We want to hear your #2050BigIdeas for what's next.

How should metro #Chicago look by 2050? Share your #2050BigIdeas.

What should our plan be for 2050? Share #2050BigIdeas. 

How should our region advance to 2050? Share your #2050BigIdeas.

Expand your horizon to 2050 and share your #2050BigIdeas.

CMAP wants your #2050BigIdeas for the northeastern Illinois region. #MakeAPlan for #ONTO2050.


Spread the word

We invite you to use these blurbs in your municipal electronic newsletters.


Short version for electronic newsletter:

Make a Plan for the Region. The Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP) and its partners are developing a new comprehensive regional plan  called ON TO 2050  and CMAP needs your perspective on the how our region should look in 2050. Please:


Long version for electronic newsletter:

What are your big ideas for the region's future?
Change comes to the Chicago region by chance and by design. By anticipating change — and better yet, making our own  we can work together more effectively to meet the needs of our region's residents. 

The Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP) and its partners have begun development of the new ON TO 2050 comprehensive plan to build a more prosperous future and enhance the quality of life for the seven counties and 284 municipalities of northeastern Illinois. 

Before the plan is completed in October 2018, CMAP will spend the next two years researching the region's challenges, working on ideas that can influence the future of the region, and, most importantly, collaborating with the people who live and work in the region to shape a plan that embodies their vision for the future and serves their needs.

For ON TO 2050, CMAP seeks your ideas about topics such as:

  • Transportation systems
  • Access to jobs
  • Housing choices
  • Managing flooding
  • Climate resilience
  • Preservation of natural areas
  • Workable tax policies
  • Opportunities for reinvestment

To learn more and get involved with the ON TO 2050 plan, visit CMAP's website at Use to email your big ideas or to request a CMAP community workshop to discuss the plan. And please share your #2050BigIdeas on Twitter or Facebook. 

A good regional comprehensive plan comes to life when its stakeholders take it and run with it. Regional planning is for all of us.