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Past RFPs and RFQs

RFP 126 Executive Search Firm to Conduct Executive Director Recruitment

RFP 127 Regional Trucking Permitting Plan

RFP 128 Executive Search Firm Deputy Executive Director for Finance and Adminstration Recruitment

RFP 129 Purchase or Lease of Color Multifunction Digital Printers

RFP 130 Elgin O'Hare Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan

RFP 131 Integrated Transportation Planning, Porgramming and Tracking Database and Visualizations Solutions

RFP 132 AV Engineering Services for the CMAP Main Conference Room - Phase 2

RFP 133 Governors State University Transporation Impact Reduction and Green Infrastrucutre Plan


RFP 138 Advisory Stormwater Engineering Services to Support Regional Stormwater Planning and Local Technical Assistance (LTA) Projects

RFP 139 For Interactive Public Engagement Tool

RFP 140 Activity-Based Model Component Estimation and Calibration

RFP 141 Socioeconomic Forecast

RFP 142 Strategic Planning Facilitation Services

RFP 143 To Provide Assistance with an Assessment of Multijurisdictional Transportation Impacts of Retail Agglomerations

RFP 145 Market Analysis and Development Advisory Services to Support Local Technical Assitance (LTA) Projects

RFP 147 Comprehensvie Plan for the Village of Brookfield, Illinois

RFP 148 Chicago Street Corridor Plan For The City of Joliet, Illinois

RFP 149 Socioeconomic Forecast: Subregional Allocation Solution

RFP 150 Comprehensive Plan for the Village of Romeoville, Illinois

Request for Informational Presentations: Socioeconomic Forecasting

RFP 151 Potential Impacts of emerging Transportation Technology Study

RFP 152 CDOT Multi-Modal Transportation Plan for Riverdale Community Area

RFP 153 Consulting Firms for a Bikeways and Trails Plan for The Village of Palos Park, Illinois

RFQ 154 Advisory Transportation Engineering Services to Support Local Technical Assistance (LTA) Projects

RFP 155 Downtown Subarea Zoning Code Update for The City of Chicago Heights, Illinois

RFQ 157 For Representative Services Pertaining to Commerical Office Space Rental

RFP 159 Update Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances for the City of Harvard, Illinois

RFP 160 Professional Services Pertaining to Financial Audits Questions and Answers

RFP 163 ON TO 2050 Urban Design

RFP 164 Leadership and Supervisory Management Training

RFP 165 Diversity and Inclusion Training

RFP 167 Organizational Structure Review and Compensation Study

RFP 170 Long Range Visioning Plan for the North Eastern Illinois Expressway System

RFP 172 Aerial Photography

RFP 173 Renderings, Illustrations, and Other Visualizations for Local Technical Assitance (LTA) Projects

RFP 174 Phone Infrastructure Ongoing Maintenance and Support

RFP 178 Sit-Stand Desks

RFQ 179 Land Use Model Development For The Chicago Region

RFP 180 Pilot Online Engagement for Implementation of Completed LTA Projects

RFQ 181 Pavement Data Collection and Pilot Pavement Management Program

RFP 183 Northern Lakeshore Trail Connectivity Plan

RFP 184 Beecher Comprehensive Plan

RFP 185 Comprehensive Plan for the Village of Channahon, Illinois

RFP 186 DuPage County Route 83 Corridor Land Use Plan

RFP 187 Justice I&M Canal Trail extension

RFP 188 Liferay Website Development, Administration, and Support

RFP 189 ON TO 2050 AV Services

RFP 190 Sauk Village Comprehensive Plan

RFP 192 Information Technology Consulting Services

RFP 193 ON TO 2050 Translation Services

RFP 194 Printing of ON TO 2050 Plan Materials

IFB 195 iOS Kiosks Deployment

IFB 197 Firewalls

RFP 198 A Commercial Corridors Plan for Belmont Cragin

RFP 199 Update Zoning, Sign and Subdivision Ordinances for the Village of Carol Stream, Illinois

RFP 200 Grant Compliance and Financial Audit Services for Closed Contracts

RFP 201 Outsourced Data Entry Project

RFP 203 Market Analysis and Development Services to Support LTA Projects

RFP 204 Comprehensive Plan for the Village of Calumet Park

RFP 205 Northwest Municipal Conference Multimodal Transportation Plan

RFP 206 Summit Zoning Code Update

RFP 207 Project Management of Municipal Pavement Management Plans

RFP 208 Matteson Streetscape Improvement Plan

RFP 210  Master Plan for the Illinois International Port District

RFP 211 To Update the Regional ITS Architecture and Develop a Communications System Whitepaper

RFP 212 CMAP Freight Studies: Western Will County Truck Routing and Communities Study and Will County Freight Transportation and Land Use Strategy

RFP 215 Online Public Engagement Tool for Regional and Local Planning

RFP 216 Liferay Website Hosting and Support

RFP 217 Design Integration

RFP 219 Estimation and Enhancement of CMAP’s Travel Demand Models

RFP 220 General Contractor ("GC") Services for Office and Meeting Space

RFP 221 Comprehensive Plan for the Village of Monee

RFQ 222 Grade Crossing Feasibility Studies 



RFP 108 Create Development Regulations for the Village of Campton Hills

RFP 109 For Valuation of Ecosystem Services Provided by the Natural Resources included in the Chicago Wilderness Green Infrastructure Vision

RFP 110 Advisory Transportation Engineering Services to Support Local Techincal Assistance Projects

RFP 111 Web Front-End Development and Data Visualizations for GO TO 2040 Indicators

RFP 112 Website Hosting and Support Services

RFP 113 Market Analysis to Support Local Technical Assistance Projects

RFP 114 Assistance with Shared Services/Joint Purchasing Study for the Village of Oswego, Village of Montgomery, and United City of Yorkville

RFP 115 Household Travel Stated Preference Survey Design, GPS Management and Web-Based Survey Interface

RFP 116 Printing Go To 2040 Plan Update Materials

RFP 117 Homes for a Changing Region Plan for Glendale Heights, Hanover Park, and West Chicago

RFP 118 Create a Zoning Ordinance for the Village of Westchester

RFP 119 Targeted State Legislative Advocacy Services

RFP 120 Network Security Audit

RFP 121 Employee Assistance Program

RFP 122 Renderings, Illustrations, and Other Visualizations for Local Technical Assistance Projects

RFP 123 Comprehensive Plan for The Village of Roselle, Illinois



RFP 098 Purchase of Conference Exhibit Display Materials for GO TO 2040 Exhibit

RFP 099 Information Technology Consulting Services

RFP 100 Technical Support and Development Services for Transportation Data Archive System

RFP 101 Liferay Website Development, Usability, Design, Maintenance, and Support

RFP 102 LTA Consultant Assistance Prequalification of Firms

RFP 104 Pilsen and Little Village Assistance with Community Engagement

RFP 106 Transportation, Land Use, and Open Space Plan for IL 53/120 Corridor

RFP 107 Compensation Study


RFP 084 Professional Services for Financial Audits

RFP 085 Regional Data Archive Project 1: Establish Raw Data Archive

RFP 086 Development and Implementation of New Phone System

RFP 087 IT Network Security Audit of Internet-Facing Surfaces

RFP 088 Consultant Assistance with LTA and CPP Projects

RFP 089 Develop Web-Based Data Upload Platform

RFP 090 Design Integration Services

RFP 091 Assessment of Economic Development Incentives

RFP 092 Provide Assistance with an Assessment of the Regional Fiscal and Economic Impacts of Local Development Decisions

RFP 093 Video Filming and Editing: Red Line Extension

RFP 094 Develop a GIS-Based Modeling Tool to Identify Nonpoint-Source Pollution

RFP 095 Legislative Government Legislative Outreach Services

RFP 096 Network Microsimulation Extension to Activity-Based Travel Model

RFP 097 Agent-Based Economic Extension to Mesoscale Freight Model

RFQ 016 Legal Services Pertaining to General Counsel and Labor Law

RFQ 017 Water Resource Engineering Support


RFP 058 Value Capture Strategies for Financing Transportation Improvements

RFP 059 Development and Execution of the CR3 Workforce Intermediary

RFP 060 Commercial and Industrial Retrofit Loan Program for CR3

RFP 061 Residential Retrofit Loan Program for CR3

RFP 062 Presentation Skills Training

RFP 063 Construction Services


RFP 065 Production of Eight TIP Video Tutorials

RFP 066 CRIBB Workforce Development Intermediary

RFP 067 CRIBB Online Building Energy Tool

RFP 068 Refinement of the Chicago Wilderness Infrastructure Vision

RFP 069 Design Integration

RFP 070 Maintenance Support for Agency Intranet

RFP 071 Development and Maintenance of a HCIP

RFP 072 Maintain and Improve Application Components of metropulse

RFP 073 2011 Latino Household Travel Survey

RFP 074 Residential Retrofit Loan Program for EI2

RFP 075 Residential Rebate Program for EI1

RFP 076 1. Develop User Interfaces for CMAP's Full Circle Parcely Survey Project

RFP 076 Develop User Interfaces for CMAP's Full Circle Parcely Survey Project

RFP 077 1. Develop User Interfaces for Online Muni Data Portals

RFP 077 Develop User Interfaces for Online Muni Data Portals

RFP 078 External Assistance with LTA Projects

RFP 079 Renderings, Illustrations, and other Visualizations for LTA Projects

RFP 080 Create or Provide Data Sharing Hub

RFP 081 Freight Model Development and Data Enhancement

RFP 082 Transit Modernization Model Development

RFP 083 Market Analysis and Financial Assistance for LTA Projects

RFQ 015 Services Pertaining to Commerical Office Space Rental


RFP 039 Planning Law Manual

RFP 040 Printing of Northeastern Illinois Regional Water Supply Demand Plan

RFP 041 Architectural Services

RFP 042 Website Hosting, Support, Development, and Design

RFP 043 Construction Services

RFP 044 TIP Database Maintenance

RFP 045 Safe Routes to School Workshops

RFP 046 Hickory Creek Watershed Data Collection

RFP 047 Advanced Travel Model Components

RFP 048 CMAP Household and Travel Activity Inventory Survey of Latino Households

RFP 049 Web-Based Archived Data User Service

RFP 050 Printing of GO TO 2040 Plan Materials

RFP 051 Production of Three Video Tutorials

RFP 052 Implementation Agency for CR3 Program

RFP 053 Maintenance Services for CMAP Telephone and Voicemail Systems

RFP 054 Development and Execution for the Communications Strategy for the CR3 Program 

RFP 055 Develop a REST Verison of CMAP's Web Service in our API

ITP as Local Program Administrators for Multi-Unit RFA

RFP 056 Development and Implementation of CR3 Information System

RFP 057 Loan and Program Administrator for Multifamily Retrofit Loan Loss Reserve Fund for CR3

RFQ 014 Brokerage Services


RFP 024 Economic Impact Software

RFP 025 Production and Printing of Greenways

RFP 026 Adobe Flex Consulting

RFP 027 Analysis of FY2010 CMAQ Traffic Flow Improvement Applications

RFP 028 Kiosk Terminals

RFP 029 Millennium Park Kiosk Terminals

RFP 030 SharePoint Intranet

RFP 030 Addendum 1, Attachment 1: Price Proposal Form

RFP 031 Regional Freight System Planning Recommendations

RFP 032 Upper Kishwaukee River Monitoring

RFP 033 Local Government Outreach Services

RFP 034 Hickory Creek Watershed Plan Development

RFP 035 Data Acquisition for Regional Indicators Project

RFP 036 Hickory Creek Watershed Coordinator

RFQ 010 WebFocus Data Visualizations

RFQ 011 ArcGIS Server Flex Consulting

RFQ 013 Web Component Development


RFP 004 Rev 1 Management Training

RFP 006 Financial Software

RFP 007 Web Services

RFP 009 Strategic Planning

RFP 010 BI Software

RFP 011 Land Use Planning Decision Support Software

RFP 010 BI Software Revised

RFP 012 Survey of General Public Regarding Water Resources

RFP 013 Household Travel Sample Enumeration Model

RFP 014 Laptop Computers

RFP 016 Online Scenario Evaluation Tools

RFP 017 Presentation Skills Training

RFP 015 Revised Webhosting and Design

RFP 018 Wide Format Scanner

RFP 019 Energy Snapshot

RFP 020 Economic Development Strategy Analysis

RFP 023 Data Collection Program & Pilot Study

RFP 022 Purchase of Syantec Backup Exec Software Licenses

RFQ 007 Evaluation of Data Sets as Indicators

RFQ 008 Trip Generation Model Update

RFQ 009 Public Finance Analysis


RFP 001 IT Consulting 

RFP 002 Latino Growth

RFP 003 GIS Data Collection

RFP 004 Management Training 

RFP 005 Fed Outreach

RFP 006 Financial Software

RFQ 001 Non-Engineering FPA Reviews

RFQ 002 Water Resource Support

RFQ 003 Engineering FPA

RFQ 004 Water Resources Engineering

RFQ 005 PR Consulting Addendum

RFQ 005 PR Consulting

RFQ 006 Community Engagement

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