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This page collects information about the activities of the CMAP Board, the MPO Policy Committee, and related committees. See the committee structure chart (PDF, 260KB). CMAP also staffs a number of other groups listed below that are not formally part of the CMAP Board's structure of committees at the Policy, Advisory, Coordinating, and Working levels.


See the Events page for a calendar of meetings, which are open to the public.  To facilitate entry to Willis Tower, please contact Ingrid Witherspoon (312-454-0400 or prior to the meeting and bring a photo ID.  


CMAP Board
Melissa Porter | 312-386-8662

MPO Policy Committee
Jesse Elam | 312-386-8688

CMAP Executive Committee
Angela Manning-Hardimon | 312-386-8714


Citizens' Advisory Committee
Cindy Cambray | 312-386-8748  

Council of Mayors
Teri Dixon | 312-386-8754


Anthony Cefali | 312-386-8630



Kristin Ihnchak | 312-676-7462
Liz Schuh | 312-386-8681 


Teri Dixon | 312-386-8754
Jason Navota | 312-386-8750  



Economic Development
Austen Edwards | 312-386-8770

Environment & Natural Resources
Nora Beck | 312-386-8677

Elizabeth Scott | 312-386-8686

Human and Community Development
Kelwin Harris | 312-386-8740 

Land Use
Stephen Ostrander | 312-386-8696

Kama Dobbs | 312-386-8710


Other Groups

Advanced Technology Task Force (ATTF)
Claire Bozic | 312-386-8744

Bicycle and Pedestrian Task Force
John O'Neal | 312-386-8822

Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ)
Jen Maddux | 312-386-8691

Freight Committee
Jeff Schnobrich | 312-386-8706

Regional Transportation Operations Coalition
Todd Schmidt | 312-386-8711

STP Project Selection Committee
Kama Dobbs | 312-386-8710

Subcommittee on Transportation Revenue
Melissa Porter | 312-386-8662

Tier II Consultation
Russell Pietrowiak | 312-386-8798

Unified Work Program
Angela Manning-Hardimon | 312-386-8714

Wastewater Committee
Jason Navota | 312-386-8750

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