Surface Transportation Program

Surface Transportation Program

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STP programming authority is delegated to the regional Councils of Mayors and City of Chicago by the MPO Policy Committee.  The distribution of funding and programming procedures are outlined in an agreement between the Council of Mayors and City of Chicago.  Due to recent changes to federal requirements in MAP-21 and the FAST Act, the agreement was updated and endorsed by the MPO Policy Committee and CMAP Board on October 11, 2017.  This new agreement calls for establishing a shared fund for accomplishing large regional projects, and making changes to the local council and City of Chicago distribution of funding and programming methodologies to place more emphasis on Performance Based Programming decisions and accomplishment of the goals of ON TO 2050.  The provisions of the agreement will be phased-in during federal fiscal years 2018 through 2021.  During the phase-in period, previously programmed project phases will continue to be implemented.

A new STP Project Selection Committee is also called for in the agreement.  The committee met throughout 2018 to discuss establishing the Shared Fund and Active Program Management provisions called for in the agreement.  On September 25, 2018 the committee approved the Shared Fund Application Booklet and STP Active Program Management Policies.

Letting Schedule

The current IDOT letting schedule includes the federal authorization date for projects.  It is important to note these dates because once a project is authorized by USDOT it is safe from rescissions.  

Federal Aid Designation

CMAP has prepared a workbook to assist municipalities and council of mayors in having a route redesignated to obtain federal aid eligibility status.  This workbook and other federal-aid route information is available by clicking here.


Resources for Project Sponsors

Local agencies that wish to participate in the local STP must do so through their designated subregional council, according to the methodology of that council.  A list of municipalities belonging to each council can be downloaded here. The following links lead to the current STP project selection criteria (applicable to projects programed prior to October 2017) for each of the subregional councils:


North Shore






Kane Kendall


North Central




A matrix comparing eligible costs and match percentages by council is available.  Please click here.

For a memo on Surface Transportation Program eligible projects, please click here.

IDOT Agreement Process for Federally Funded Projects (D1PIPDF1) or State Funded Projects (D1PIPDF2).

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