Subregional Councils

Subregional Councils

The Subregional Councils of Mayors (COMs) are defined by specific geographic boundaries– six in suburban Cook County and one for each of the five collar counties. The Kane/KendallCouncil of Mayors also includes Kendall County and the urbanized portions of DeKalb County. The Will Council includes the urbanized portions of Grundy County. The individual councils range in membership from 12 to 47 municipalities. The organization and structure of the individual councils varies greatly from area to area, and in many parts of the region Council of Mayors boundaries often coincide with municipal Conference or Council of Government (COG) boundaries. Three of the COMs are housed within and staffed by the county Division of Transportation.

The region has nine regional municipal associations, or COGs.  They exist to promote subregional coordination and collaboration between municipalities on a broader range of issues. Together with the City of Chicago, the COGs are members of the Metropolitan Mayors Caucus (MMC), which is a forum for Mayors to collaborate on broad regional issues.

Each Council of Mayors receives an annual allocation of local Surface Transportation Program (STP) funds and is responsible for programming those funds according to their own STP Methodology. Council projects must meet all federal eligibility requirements, including being located on a federal-aid eligible route, and must be sponsored and implemented by a local community within the council.

Each Council of Mayors has a least one staff person designated as a Planning Liaison (PL). PLs are the primary link between CMAP and the suburban mayors and are directly responsible for the programming of locally sponsored, federally funded projects in the CMAP Transportation Improvement Program. PLs are the primary contact for local agencies and coordinate the implementation of federally funded projects, including STP-L, CMAQ, BRR, Safe Routes to Schools, Enhancement (ITEP) and Transportation Alternatives Program projects, with municipalities and IDOT.

The subregional councils establish their own meeting schedules, by-laws, structure and policies; however certain caveats are placed on the councils as the managers of federal transportation funds. The councils must include all local governments eligible for STP funding, regardless of membership within any coinciding Conference or COG. The councils meet regularly for cooperative discussion and decision-making on issues needing a subregional consensus before being brought to the COM Executive Committee for a regional debate. These meetings provide a useful forum for regional transportation and planning agencies (such as Pace, Metra, CMAP) to report to the local governments and to get local input.


List of Municipalities by Regional Council

Subregional Council Leadership

North Shore Council of Mayors / Northwest Municipal Conference (NWMC)

Mayor Dan DiMaria, Morton Grove, President, NWMC
Mayor George Van Dusen, Skokie, Co-Chairman, North Shore Council
President Lawrence Levin, Glencoe, Co-Chairman, North Shore Council
Mark Fowler, Executive Director, NWMC
Kendra Johnson, Planning Liaison

Northwest Council of Mayors / Northwest Municipal Conference (NWMC)

Mayor Dan DiMaria, Morton Grove, President, NWMC
President Karen Darch, Barrington, Chairman, Northwest Council
Mark Fowler, Executive Director, NWMC
Joshua Klingenstein, Planning Liaison

North Central Council of Mayors / West Central Municipal Conference (WCMC)

President Christopher Getty, Lyons, President, WCMC
Mayor Jeffrey Sherwin, Northlake, Chairman, North Central Council
Pat Higgins, Village Administrator, Western Springs, Chairman, Transportation Committee
Richard Pellegrino, Executive Director, WCMC
Len Cannata, Planning Liaison

Central Council of Mayors / West Central Municipal Conference (WCMC)

President Christopher Getty, Lyons, President, WCMC
Pat Higgins, Village Administrator, Western Springs, Chairman, Transportation Committee
Richard Pellegrino, Executive Director, WCMC
Michael Fricano, Planning Liaison

Southwest Council of Mayors / Southwest Conference of Mayors (SCM)

Mayor Gerald Bennett, Palos Hills, President, SCM
President Dave Brady, Bedford Park, Transportation Committee, Chairman, SCM
Vicky Smith, Executive Director, SCM
Kelsey Passi, Planning Liaison

South Council of Mayors / South Suburban Mayors and Managers Association (SSMMA)

President Vernard Alsberry, Jr., Hazel Crest, President, SSMMA
President Michael Einhorn, Crete, Transportation Committee, Chairman
Kristi DeLaurentiis, Executive Director, SSMMA
Leslie Phesmister, Planning Liaison

DuPage Council of Mayors / DuPage Mayors and Managers Conference (DMMC)

Mayor Steve Chirico, Naperville, President, DMMC
Steve May, Village Manager, Westmont, Transportation Technical Committee Director
Suzette Quintell, Executive Director, DMMC
Daniel Knickelbein, Planning Liaison

Kane/Kendall Council of Mayors (KKCOM)

Mayor Jeffery Schielke, Batavia, Chairman
Tom Rickert, Executive Director
Jackie Forbes, Council Director
Ryan Peterson, Planning Liaison
Troy Simpson, Planning Liaison

Lake County Council of Mayors (LCCOM)

Mayor Leon Rockingham, North Chicago, Chairman
Robert Phillips, Deerfield, Transportation Committee Chairman
Emily Karry, Planning Liaison, Manager of Planning
Mike Klemens, Planning Liaison, Principal Planner

McHenry County Council of Mayors

President Rick Mack, Ringwood, Chairman
Emily Daucher, Planning Liaison

Will Council of Mayors / Will County Governmental League (WCGL)

Mayor Greg Szymanski, Village of Beecher, President, WCGL
Mayor Claar, Bolingbrook, Transportation Committee Director
Hugh O'Hara, Executive Director, WCGL
Elaine Bottomely, Director of Transportation and Planning
Jack Cruikshank, Planning Liaison

Councils of Government (COGs)

The following organizations operate separately from the subregional Councils of Mayors, and do not receive an allocation of federal Surface Transportation Program funding.

Barrington Area Council of Governments (BACOG)

Janet Agnoletti, Executive Director

Lake County Municipal League (LCML)

Mayor Joseph Mancino, President, LCML
Mandi Florip, Executive Director

McHenry Council of Governments (MCCG)

President Rick Mack, Ringwood, President, MCCG
Chalen Daigle, Executive Director

Metro West Council of Governments

Mayor David Kaptain, Elgin, President
Mary Randle, Executive Director

Metropolitan Mayors Caucus

The Metropolitan Mayors Caucus is a regional organization whose members represent the nine COGs.

Metropolitan Mayors Caucus

President Joseph Mancino, Village of Hawthorn Woods, Executive Board Chairman
David Bennett, Executive Director

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