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Revenues not keeping up with transportation system costs

Limited revenues from taxes and fees require local governments to carefully prioritize investments in infrastructure, services, new development, technical and funding assistance, and other areas. Transportation funding from the federal and state government has been stagnant or diminishing while costs have continued to rise, and this trend shows little sign of reversing. Prioritized investment will be an overarching principle of ON TO 2050, scheduled for adoption in October 2018. Learn more about what the Chicago region needs to do to plan for a future with Constrained Resources and let us know what you think.

Federal and state transportation revenue to northeastern Illinois compared to inflation and operating costs, estimates for selected sources, percent change since 2007.  

Note: 2009 federal transportation revenue excludes revenue from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.  

Source: Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning analysis of Illinois Department of Transportation data, Illinois Office of the Comptroller data, U.S. Beurea of Labor Statistics, Regional Transportation Authority data, and data derived from state/regional resources tables.