Land Use Data

Land Use Data

CMAP maintains a land use "inventory" in a form suitable for analysis using Geographic Information Systems (GIS). The agency also has a process for reviewing Developments of Regional Importance and works with Chicago Wilderness to increase understanding of the region's green infrastructure network.

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Land Use Inventory

The Land Use Inventory is updated every five years and is used to support regional planning and policy evaluations as well as local technical planning assistance activities.

Developments of Regional Importance

CMAP has also established a procedure for evaluating potential Developments of Regional Importance.

Green Infrastructure Vision

CMAP has partnered with Chicago Wilderness to enhance the region’s information on the core conservation lands in the region, the ecosystem services they provide, and how to link conservation lands together in a regional green infrastructure network. Revised data are available, along with a set of GIS tools, for conservation partners in the region to help identify portions of the green infrastructure network on which they wish to concentrate their efforts.


Air Photo Archive

CMAP is in the process of digitally archiving its collection of air photos dating back to 1970.  As each set is scanned, we are making them available through an online map.  Please visit our Air Photo Archive page for more information.