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About Metropulse

The Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP) and The Chicago Community Trust remain committed partners in the collection and distribution of public data to monitor progress on the region's most important issues—principally, through the performance of the GO TO 2040 comprehensive regional plan.

Because good data becomes more accessible every year from institutions and government agencies, MetroPulse will henceforth narrow its focus to select indicators for monitoring the progress of GO TO 2040 implementation and progress on the Chicago Community Trust's community goals.  This revised approach also promises to be more effective for the greatest number of users. When fully implemented, MetroPulse will include narrative analyses and visuals on indicators of significance to a broader community of users and aligned with the priorities of GO TO 2040 and The Chicago Community Trust, as well as "snapshot" data reports on each municipality in the region and the City of Chicago's 77 community areas. To close the gap on user data needs, the site will provide categorized links to data from trusted sources selected by CMAP and The Chicago Community Trust.

Your feedback is also valuable, so please contact us with suggestions for improving these MetroPulse resources.