CMAP Traffic Data

May 31, 2016

Traffic Data

Traffic Projection Request

For transportation implementing agencies, CMAP develops small-area traffic projections based on our most recent regional travel-demand analysis. Currently, CMAP travel models use adopted regional 2040 socioeconomic projections and assume implementation of the GO TO 2040 Comprehensive Plan for Northeastern Illinois. Traffic projections consider projects as they appear in the current Transportation Improvement Program and Regional Transportation Plan and are provided for the year 2040.

You may submit the request by mail, addressing the letter to:

Jose Rodriguez, PTP, AICP
Senior Planner, Research and Analysis
Attn: Traffic Projections
Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP)
233 South Wacker Drive, Suite 800
Chicago, IL 60606

Or you may submit your request through email. Please send the request, including the necessary information listed below, to Jose Rodriguez ( and a copy to the project sponsor to ensure that the sponsor is aware of the request. Whether by mail or email, the following information should be included with your written request.

  • A notation (cc:) showing that the implementing agency sponsoring the study has received a copy of the request and is aware that it has been made. (e.g. IDOT, Lake County, municipality, etc.) The sponsor will receive CMAP's response, and you will receive a copy.
  • Location of the project (including a map or diagram).
  • Description of existing conditions and proposed improvements.
  • Current Average Daily Traffic (ADT) summary at each location for which a projection is requested.
  • If an estimate of forecast truck volume is needed, please provide a current observed count for each class of truck vehicle available.
  • Description of recent or proposed development that may affect the demand on the facility

Strategic Regional Arterial Information

Each traffic projection includes a check on whether the project is on an SRA route. If the project is on an SRA Route, we inform the requestor and suggest that they review the recommendations contained therein. CMAP has a relatively complete library of SRA reports, and we have copied the executive summaries from the reports and posted them to our website. To view them, visit the SRA Resources page.

Five-Year Functional Classification Maps

IDOT has completed generating and posting 5 Year Township Functional Classification maps for the whole state. They are published in pdf format and can be printed or downloaded. IDOT has also created an interactive lookup map containing functional class and key route information (formerly federal aid route numbers) which is updated with current information each evening.. If you are working on a functional class change application, be sure to use the official IDOT 5 Year Functional Class maps.

Transportation System Performance

CMAP has collected, analyzed and provided summaries of multiple transportation datasets to understand the region's transportation system performance as part of our ongoing Congestion Management Process.  You can also explore transportation system performance data with CMAP's new visualization page. 

Sources of Traffic Count Information

There are a number of sources of traffic count information available to the public.