Freight Data & Resources

Freight Data & Resources

This page is a collection of multimodal freight data and analysis for northeastern Illinois. 

Freight System Overview

Developed as part of the ON TO 2050 series of snapshot reports, The Freight System: Leading the way report is now available (posted August 2017). It provides a high-level overview of the regional freight system, including the economic impact, infrastructure needs, and local regulatory challenges.

Regional Freight System Planning Map (posted March 2013)

Chicago Freight System Planning Map (posted March 2013)

Freight Performance

Map: Truck bottlenecks, 2015 (posted May 2016)

Graphic: Arterial truck congestion scans

CMAP's highway congestion scans provide truck congestion data.

Freight Volume

Facility Inventory

Land Use

CMAP has completed a series of Policy Updates on industrial land use topics.


Illinois Maximum Legal Dimensions and Weights (pdf from IDOT website, revised February 2018)


Planning Recommendations 2010

The report below was compiled in support of the development of the GO TO 2040 Comprehensive Regional Plan.  Many of the recommendations in the report were adopted in GO TO 2040, but the report is not adopted as a policy document.  Nonetheless, the report contains valuable information and insight into the multi-modal freight system in the Chicago region.

Freight System Planning Recommendations (pdf, 14MB)

Appendices (pfd, 6MB)

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