Local Pavement Management Plan Call for Projects

Jan 17, 2018

Local Pavement Management Plan Call for Projects

As part of CMAP’s efforts to collect data on all Federal-aid local jurisdiction roads in the CMAP region, a pilot program was established to offer engineering services to municipalities and townships that will either initiate or update a local pavement management system.  A pavement management plan can assists agencies to find the most cost effective way to address pavement needs and achieve pavement condition targets.  Municipalities or townships may apply and an engineering firm selected by CMAP will provide the necessary services to complete a pavement management plan (PMP).  The PMP will provide the public agency a document that describes the importance and types of pavement preservation, the current condition of pavement, scenarios evaluating the cost to meet different network level pavement conditions, and develop a capital plan based on the selected pavement condition/spending scenario.  The PMP will help communicate to decision makers and the public the importance of pavement preservation and what pavement improvement projects to implement that will be the most cost effective to meet certain pavement condition targets.  The public agency will not be responsible for any of the costs associated with the development of the PMP.

Call for Projects Materials

Application Form (Word)

Call for Projects Program Guide (pdf)

Submit the application form by email to Doug Ferguson by noon on Friday, March 2, 2018.

Applicant Information Webinar

CMAP Staff hosted a webinar for the call for projects on February 5, 2018.  A recording of the webinar and the presentation slides is available below.


Webinar Recording (MP4, start the video at 2:10)

Presentation Slides



Who is funding this program?

Funding for this program comes from federal transportation planning funds.


Is a funding match required?

No local match is required.  Also, CMAP handles all the contracting with the vendors so applicants will not have to outlay direct funds for the development of the plans. 


What projects are eligible?

The program will only fund the development of pavement management plans and the activities necessary to complete one of these plans.


Can I request money to cover staff time at my organization?

No, this program will not provide funding to local units of government for administration or implementation of pavement management plans.


If my municipality is already contracting with a vendor to measure pavement condition, can I seek reimbursement through this program for those costs?

No, this program is designed to help communities implement new pavement management systems or improve existing pavement management systems.


How competitive is the application process?

It is anticipated that more applicants will apply then there are funds available.  Because this is the first year of a pilot program, it is unknown how many proposals will be funded relative to the number received.


How are applications evaluated?

Projects will be evaluated by CMAP staff based upon the ability of an applicant to implement the pavement management plan, geographic equity and the need of the community(s) applicant.


Can multiple communities submit a combined application?

Yes, group applications are appropriate and a council of governments (COG) or other municipal association can apply on behalf of their members.  When completing the application, please indicate all the participating members under question 3 for multijurisdictional applications.


Who is responsible for managing the project?

A CMAP staff member will assist with project management and will handle all contracting and procurement activities with the vendors.  The local agency will be responsible for working with the selected vendor assigned to that community(s) on the development of the pavement management plan.


What is the anticipated timeframe for projects?

Once a project is selected, our goal is to initiate the projects within one month and complete each project within a year of project initiation.


Who do I contact if I still have questions?

Please contact Doug Ferguson for any questions.

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