CMAQ Active Program Management Policies

CMAQ Programming and Management Policies

Because of a persistent problem of slow project accomplishment and the risk of losing federal funds due to our region's large unobligated balance, the MPO Policy Committee and CMAP Board have approved a revised set of policies for the program.

CMAQ Programming and Management Policies (October 2014)

They include:

1. Phase 1 engineering will not be eligible for CMAQ funding.

2. A firm deadline of two years past the programmed year will be instituted for the accomplishment of each phase. If the phase is not completed on time, regardless of the reasons, the funding for remaining phases will be removed and that work placed on a deferred project list. The deferred phases may be brought back into the program when the delayed work is complete, if funding is available.

3. An annual obligation goal will be set and if the region is not meeting it, other "ready" projects may be moved into the program to ensure the region meets its spending goals.

These policies will apply to the next call for projects which is anticipated to begin in January 2015, with final program approval anticipated for the fall of 2015. That call will be for projects in federal fiscal years 2016-2020.

The accomplishment sunset will apply to all currently programmed projects. If you have questions on where your project stands, contact your Planning Liaison.

For questions, information and guidance:
Sponsors are encouraged to work with their regional contact or Planning Liaison if guidance is needed.