CMAQ Focused Programming

Aug 14, 2013

CMAQ Focused Programming


CMAP approved the GO TO 2040 Focused Programming Approach for the CMAQ program in January 2011.  The focused programming approach combines with the CMAQ active program management policies to ensure a program that provides continued air quality and congestion relief benefits, encourages prompt implementation of projects and helps advance the region toward the vision set out in GO TO 2040.   The approach established four focus groups, two of which were existing committees and two ad hoc committees:

The focus groups review project applications that are relevant to their group's project type(s), evaluate them based upon relevant action areas from GO TO 2040 and make recommendations to the Project Selection Committee.  The Committee uses the recommendations along with emissions and congestion reduction benefits in the development of the CMAQ programs.

FY 2014-2018 Focus Groups Recommendations

Presented at June 20, 2013 Project Selection Committee Meeting

Project Evaluation Memos

Presented at October 30, 2012 Project Selection Committee Meeting

FY 2012-2016 Focus Groups Recommendations

Presented at July 7, 2011 Project Selection Committee Meeting

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