CMAQ Project Contacts

Project Contacts

For all CMAQ and TAP-L project questions, we are asking that you contact your representative before contacting CMAP directly. This applies for villages, cities, park districts, townships, etc. If you are unsure of which council you participate in, please visit the Subregional Councils page.

Council of Mayors Contacts

Please visit the Subregional Council Leadership page for a detailed list of the Subregional Council membership.

City of Chicago Contacts

All City of Chicago departments should contact Keith Privett (312) 744-1981 at the City of Chicago Department of Transportation.

Other Contacts for Application Assistance and Additional Info

Highway and Bicycle Facility Construction Standards/Project Scoping

IDOT, Bureau of Local Roads - Christopher Holt (847) 705-4201

Transit Project Implementation/Coordination

RTA - Mark Pitstick (312) 913-3235

CTA - Michael Connelly (312) 681-4200

Metra - Brian Stepp (312) 322-2805

Pace - David Tomzik (847) 228-2463

Intermodal Freight Projects

CMAP - Tom Murtha (312) 386-8822

Intelligent Transportation Systems

IDOT, ITS Program - Chuck Sikaras (847) 705-4800

Diesel Retrofits/Alternative Fuels

CMAP - Doug Ferguson (312) 386-8824

CDOT - Samantha Bingham (312) 744-8096

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