Performance-Based Funding Resources

Jul 18, 2013


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CMAP has produced a number of materials on performance-based funding. The Technical Background is a compendium of all CMAP staff efforts on the topic to date. The CMAP Issue Briefs and Policy Updates provide information on a number of relevant topics. And the Volpe Peer Exchange summary provides more detail on case studies.

Technical Background

CMAP Issue Briefs and Policy Updates

Volpe Peer Exchange

In July 2012, CMAP hosted visiting officials from IDOT, the Illinois MPO Advisory Council, and departments of transportation and metropolitan planning organizations from three peer states (Minnesota, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania) in a federally-sponsored peer exchange. A summary report on the event is available from U.S. DOT. The presentations from the peer exchange are available from CMAP's FTP server: The public login name is "cmapftpro" and the password is "CMAPread2013".

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