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Regional Transportation Programs

CMAP is responsible for the following regional transportation programs, which support a system that is safe, efficient, and accessible while sustaining the region's vision related to the natural environment, economic and community development, social equity, and public health.

The call for projects to be implemented with CMAQ, STP, and TAP in federal fiscal years 2022 - 2026 closed March 5, 2021.

Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement (CMAQ). CMAP administers CMAQ, a federally funded program of surface transportation improvements. To help implement ON TO 2050 through the CMAQ program, CMAP helps reviewers prioritize proposed projects based on how they support the goals and action areas of the regional plan.

Surface Transportation Program (STP). Through the regional Shared Fund its subregional Councils of Mayors (COMs), CMAP administers the region's local STP. COMs are defined by specific geographic boundaries, with six in suburban Cook County and one for each of the five collar counties. Each Council of Mayors receives an annual STP allocation and is responsible for programming those funds. Council projects must meet all federal eligibility requirements, including being located on a federal-aid eligible route, and must be sponsored and implemented by a local community within the council.

Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP). The locally programmed TAP is a federally-funded program of surface transportation improvements designed to support non-motorized transportation. CMAP uses a competitive process to select and fund bicycle facility projects that help complete the Regional Greenways and Trail Plan.

Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). As metropolitan Chicago's agenda for surface transportation, the TIP lists all federally funded projects and regionally significant, non-federally funded projects programmed for implementation in the next four years. The TIP helps both the transportation community and the general public track the use of local, state, and federal transportation funds in support of implementing ON TO 2050.

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