Transit Ridership Growth

Sep 5, 2017

Transit Ridership Growth

The Transit Ridership Growth Study is now available, and your feedback is welcome. Send your thoughts, ideas, or questions to


Getting on track to increase transit ridership in the region

GO TO 2040 calls for an increased regional commitment to public transit, including goals to significantly increase transit use. However, data from the past few years indicate that the region is not on track to reach these goals. To inform the development of transit ridership growth targets and strategies in ON TO 2050, CMAP has been exploring how current mode share would change based on specific interventions. 

ON TO 2050 will achieve the region's transit ridership growth goals

A variety of factors influence transit ridership. Achieving the region's targets for growing transit ridership will require changes in many areas including land use, policy, transportation finance, and transit infrastructure. The Transit Ridership Growth Study identifies the relative productivity of various investments and policies that could increase transit ridership. These findings will inform CMAP's recommendations in ON TO 2050 for continuing to make transit the preferred travel option for as many of the region's residents as possible. 
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