Homes for a Changing Region Toolkit

Feb 20, 2015

Homes for a Changing Region Toolkit

Those interested in learning how to use the Toolkit are encouraged to view streaming video of an instructional webinar provided by the partners.

As the shifting housing market alters people's preferences—and vice-versa—many communities are struggling to understand if the housing they have will meet the needs of residents, both now and in the future.

The Homes for a Changing Region process enables municipal leaders to understand demand and supply dynamics for housing in their communities and develop long-term housing policy plans based on sound research and input from their residents. These plans aim to create a balanced mix of housing, serve current and future populations, and enhance livability.

Homes for a Changing Region is a good fit for any municipality grappling with important housing questions, including: 

  • Can existing residents afford to stay here in years to come?

  • What is my community's capacity to accommodate future residents?

  • Will my community's current housing stock meet the demands of future residents? 

This toolkit provides a step-by-step guide to the Homes process, which has been tested and refined during the development of housing policy plans completed for over 30 communities. The toolkit builds the capacity of local municipalities to develop and implement their own Homes for a Changing Region plans to meet their housing needs.

Summary of Content

The toolkit includes the following resources:

  • Recommendations Guide
    A supplemental guide that thematically groups a number of the recommendations from previous Homes reports and the case studies found in Home Grown (see below), so that users can understand where such strategies have been previously used.

  • Home Grown
    Case studies of successful housing policies, developments, programs, and financing strategies, explaining how they work, why they were successful, and how they were funded.


The Homes for a Changing Region Toolkit was created by the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP), Metropolitan Mayors Caucus, and Metropolitan Planning Council. These resources were made possible by funds awarded by the National Foreclosure Settlement, distributed by the office of the Illinois Attorney General.


Contact Jonathan Burch ( or 312-386-8690) to learn more.

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Homes for a Changing Region Toolkit: Download Toolkit Components

Download Toolkit Components

Homes for a Changing Region - Process Guide

Homes for a Changing Region - Data Analysis Guide and Model: CMAP Region

Homes for a Changing Region - Data Analysis Guide and Model: Illinois (for use outside of CMAP Region)

Homes for a Changing Region - Outreach Guide

Homes for Changing Region - Recommendations Guide