Homes for a Changing Region Toolkit: Outreach

Feb 20, 2015

Homes for a Changing Region Toolkit: Outreach

The ultimate goal of the Homes for a Changing Region process is to empower local governments with information and strategies so that development can respond to current and forecasted demand for housing. To achieve this goal, it is essential that the local government staff (or consultants driving the process) develop a comprehensive strategy that engages residents and stakeholders in the development of the plan.

Good public engagement should create a shared vision for housing in a community, address resident concerns, and result in support for plan implementation. It needs to anticipate that the information that comes out of the Homes process may surprise some community residents and stakeholders, who will choose to engage in the process in different ways—with most simply wanting periodic project updates and the opportunity to review draft deliverables, while a few will need to be closely involved at every stage of the process.

This guide is intended to complement the Homes for a Changing Region toolkit, by providing a comprehensive overview of the public engagement activities, tools, and communication techniques that communities can utilize to develop an effective strategy as part of the Homes process. 

Summary of Content

The following resources are provided to help municipalities carry out the public engagement approach used in the Homes for a Changing Region process:

 PLEASE NOTE: All materials can also be downloaded as a single zip file (below).


The Homes for a Changing Region Toolkit was created by the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP)Metropolitan Mayors Caucus, and Metropolitan Planning Council. These resources were made possible by funds awarded by the National Foreclosure Settlement, distributed by the office of the Illinois Attorney General.


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